About us

S.S.Inter Corporation Co., Ltd.

S.S.Inter Corporation Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 with the mission of providing
legal services in litigation, advocation and defense, debt recovery, asset investigation,
enforcement of judgments, dispute resolution, and legal advice on a wide range of issues,
including but not limited to civil and criminal offenses, intellectual property,
international trade, labor, bankruptcy, and all types of legal contracts,
while adhering to professional ethics and good governance in administration.

S.S.Inter Corporation Co., Ltd. assembled a team of professionals and
specialized experts in order to improve the effectiveness of financial flow and
debt recovery as well as to simplify and streamline our clients' and
business owners' financial plans and operations.


For more than two decades of our operations and development under the vision of the company consisting of:

  • Conducting and providing proper advices in compliance with the principles of the law and practices of the business process;
  • Promptness and punctual delivery, in order to protect the maximum benefits that our clients are entitled to obtain.
  • Aiming towards the goal with utmost quality from our working team that facilitate our clients to keep up with the business and economy situation.

These visions led us to receive long-term assignments of trust from prestigious corporate groups and financial institutions, both domestically and abroad.

Our Clients

  • Financial Institutions
  • Individual & Corporate
  • Debt and Asset Management
  • International Debt Collection Agency , by No win, No fee concept